Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's my birthday and I can wear velvet if I want to.

Skirt & Belt:Goodwill
Jacket: Target
Shirt: Forever 21
Boots: Ebay (Chinese Laundry)
Tights: Oldnavy

This is what I wore to work yesterday.

Velvet Dress: Goodwill
Footless Tights & Jacket: Target
Boots: Victoria Secret

This is what I wore last night.

I went out last night with my cousin Keisha to Crickets and the Ultimate Bar. I had so much fun. Too much fun. I drank way too much. What else is new. lol The dress I wore last night I altered a lot. The bottom of the dress flared out and I wanted it to be body con.

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Licklemslady said...

that dress is fly as shit! way to make it current. who'd a thunk it