Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Black Leaves

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Dress: Goodwill
Blazer: Express
Belt & Shoes: Target

This dress is actually longer but I pined up the sides to make it shorter. I'm going to miami this weekend and I am super excited! So this means a lot of short jumpers and lots of pictures.

And by the way, I was mentioned on The Glamourai. I am super excited! Her blogs is one of my favorites. Thank you!


xoliquoricexo said...

really like your hair!


Virgos Lounge said... the dress...;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jay, How r u? I discover your blog by chance and I like the way your dress. You have a very simple style (It's georgous) and your are attractive like your first Lady. I'm Binta and I come from Ivory Coast (West Africa) and I'm french. Currently, I try to mix colors and shorts like you and go to trhift store (to find some beautiful clothes).Everyday I look forward to see your news pics and today I decide to say you that you have an admirer somewhere in Africa....(I'm 26 and I'm an accountant,What is your profession?)Cheers....

joanne & valencia said...

hi, please take a look at our blogshop!
thanks a lot(:

C C said...

love this dress!

Jay♥Vintage said...

Thank you Binta for all your kind words. I work in the customer service field.

*Diane* said...

love that you pinned the sides! one of my favorite things to do to dress.

Tam and Sam said...