Thursday, June 4, 2009

Orange & Brown

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Blouse, Shorts & Belt: Goodwill
Shoes & Jacket: Target

I had a really rough morning. I dropped my laptop outside:( I wanted to cry. Lucky it's all right. My laptop probably hates me. I'm the worst owner ever. lol My camera man Sheldon couldn't take my pictures today. So it was just me and the tripod. This is one of my favorite oufits. I feel so put together without any thought or effort.

2 more days until I am in Miami. Yay! I am too excited can't you tell. I think I am the only person that hasn't been there yet. I love to travel but isn't it a bit stressful. I have a task to do everyday. I had to wash all of my clothes yesterday. I stayed up until 3:00 am doing that.:( Today task is to relax my hair & finish packing. Fun shit.


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congratulations on being featured in style sample mag. :)