Monday, March 23, 2009

Little Five Points

My Friend Sheldon & I

Blouse, Belt & Shoes: Goodwill
Black Leggings/Pants: Wet Seal
Necklace: Forever 21

I had a very busy day today. First I went to the Goodwill yay! I got a lot of good stuff. Then I went to the mall. I bought mostly accessories. Like I need any more. Forever 21 has the best accessories. I'm wearing one of the necklaces I bought today in the pictures. Then after the mall I went to Little Five Points with my friend Sheldon. It has a lot of vintage shops. Which is right up my alley. All I got was a unitard from American Apparel. I can't wait to wear it for my birthday.

My sister had her baby today. Yay! So I'm an auntie again. She had a boy and he's six pounds. Little Brayden. I can't wait to meet him:)


Carolina said...

I love this outfit! Nice mixing.

*Diane* said...

I love the laid-back but chic look of this outfit. And by the way, i finally did your black in my "Moonlight" outfit :-)

Chic$tylez Personal Shopping said...

I love little five points!!! I totally agree about F21's accessories!

The Vogue Society said...

I love this outfit...very casual and cute!