Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Friday the 13th.....Again!?

Shorts: Goodwill
Ruffle Top: Level 10
Jacket, Shoes, Belt & Tights: Target

Lately I have been feeling in a black mood. Not like in a depressed way but wanting to wear black all the time. So today I decided not to wear any black. One thing I notice, a lot of Fashion bloggers wear a lot of black. So I challenge fashion bloggers to post a picture with out wear any black. I challenge you! Ha ha ha.

Bloggers I want to Challenge:


Swank Heights said...

LOL! My last post has no black. Does that count?

You look great!

Kalin said...

You're on. I'll see what I can do.

*Diane* said...

OOh, i accept!!! Muaahahaha

Jay♥ said...

@Swank Heights lol Nope!

virgos lounge said...