Friday, March 20, 2009

Electric Blue

Blouse & Shoes: Goodwill
Blazer, Skirt, Footless Tights & Belt: Target

my hair have been looking pretty shitty. I have a mini mullet going on. And that's not a good look. I usually cut & style my hair my self but it's gotten so bad that I can't do anything to it. So I decided next week I am going to get it done. Especially since my birthday is coming up. My birthday is on a Tuesday so I'm going to celebrate it next weekend. I can't wait to go out. I have a dress and everything. I'm so excited.......about parting. But not about turning 26 urgh. I guess we all have to get old.


Anonymous said...

Yea I agree....the hair hasn't been lookin so good...but your outfits have been fabulous!!!

Shannia said...

dont worry about turning 26. I am 36 and still feel young, it's a question of how old you feel :)
your hair still looks good and I do love that blouse on you!

Jay♥ said...

lol Yeah it has. I finally got my hair done yesterday yay!