Monday, June 1, 2009

Questions Answered

1) Hmmm. Here's one. I'm a freshman in high school. Now that it's the dog days of summer, how can I make the ubiquitous tee and shorts unique? What kinds of spins can I put on it? You can wear really cute shoes & accessories. Or wear a graphic tee. Urban outfitters has some really cute ones.

2) Ok...i see you tend to find some really nice pieces at goodwill and thrift stores...but how do you decide which one is best. B/c i live in new Orleans and i have been to a few and i have walked out empty handed every time: To honest, it's all in the store. And you have to have patience and determination. You know what you want and what looks good one you. When you go to a thrift store have something you are looking for in mind

3) If u can have any celebrities' closet, who would it be and why? Rihanna, because I like her style. She has a edgy style with a feminine touch.

4) What is ur must have makeup? My must have makeup item is lip gloss. That's something I have to wear everyday even with no makeup on.

5) Where do u get ur jeweleries? Forever 21 is the shittt!

6) I noticed that u pretty much shop everywhere. if you can choose one store to shop, what store would it be? Target hands down. They have everything a girl would ever need.

7) Do you have a boyfriend? Nope.

8) What camera go you use? My friend Sheldon that always takes my pics use to use to use a Olympus C720US camera. Now he uses Nikon Cool Pix camera.

9) Just realised your interests...."shopping at thrift stores" and nthing!! Well you mentioned one of them. lol Other then shopping I love to go swimming, to the movies and out to eat. I loooove to eat!

That's all the questions for now. Keep them coming.

Some up coming posts will be a video of me going thrifting and a closet tour.


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Thanks for the answers!!!

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