Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chained up




Jeans: Oldnavy
Blouse: JC Penny
Jacket: Target
Shoes: Nine West

This what I wore to movies last night. Sheldon & I went on a double date with his friends to Altantic Station to go see the movie the Hangover. At first I wasn't too thrilled to go see it. But it was actually really funny. That movie had me cracking up. Definitely a must see!


Anonymous said...

Fabulous as usual!:)

Shannia said...

so you are dating Sheldon.
I know I am suppose to comment on your clothes (you do look amazing btw) but i thought you where just friends ;)

BTheSTylist said...

I love the jacket!!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Sheldon "My friend". Your skin looks amazing!!