Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Studded Boots

Victoria Secret

I have been looking at these boots for the longest time. Then they sold out:( But now they are baaaaack! Yay! And only $49.99! So of course I bought the black ones. I swear I should name this blog I love shoes. lol

UPDATE:They are only available in Maple. The black ones are sold out:(


Alyssia said...

I love these! I never check vicki secret for shoes, but I see lots of people bloggin about them I definitely need to check em out!!

CultureCynic said...

these will never go out of style i cld wear till the killer heels wrode to flats and i will STILL still in them

londynkouture said...

OMG these shoes are back and on sell! Im drooling as i type lol, I wanted these forever!!! Thanks for heads up, im about to order the black ones NOW!!!

LK :)