Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brown Booties

I bought these brown booties from Victoria Secret today. I swear this is my last shoes purchase for a while. lol


Breath of Light said...

Peace! Your style (mainly the fact that you live at Goodwill like I do) is right up my ally! I stumbled upon your blog via Marian (UK stylist extrodinaire). Anywhoodles, I'm a sucka for vintage dresses from thrift stores. I have several hanging in my closet that I'd love to wear right now but due to the dry air the polyester clings like a MUTHA. I was wondering if you have any tips on how to combat the static cling during the winter. I didn't have that problem so much in the summer. I even tried wearing a slip underneath but to no avail. Can you help a sista out? I have a paisley print dress with a tie scarf neck just calling me! I'm so sad about this but I refuse to give up my dresses. Please help, if you can!
email me at breathoflight01 at gmail dot com. Thankums!


Anonymous said...

Now that's a bad ass pair of shoes!!!