Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blog Award

I am so happy! I received an award from Breck from Fashion Without Guilt. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it!

When receiving this award you are instructed to nominate 10 of your favorite bloggers and give 10 facts about yourself.

My Favorite Bloggers:
1. Nini Style
2. Karla’s Closet
3. Life In Travel
4. The Glamourai
5. Blushing Ambition
6. Fashion Bananas
7. Beauty Brains & Bullshit
8. Adore Daily
9. Ahoy Mate
10. Cali Vintage

Ten Facts About Me:
1. I just really got into vintage June 2008.
2. I can watch Youtube all day
3. I am really considering going natural with my hair.
4. I really hate wearing heels but I think they make any outfit better:)
5. I can't sleep without the T.V. on.
6. I am always cold.
7. I have a mouth like a sailor.
8. "House" is one of my favorite shows.
9. I love to go swimming
10. I am a really silly and goofy person. I love to laugh.


Hanh, Life-in-Travel said...

hey, Thank you for award!!!

Love to reading about you.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

You should totally go natural, I went natural and haven't looked back since!

melissa-leigh said...

hi there!!! i just figured I should leave a comment since I've been lurking here for a while--i so love how you mix thrifted items with really modern but inexpensive pieces and always look totally amazing too. :) just wanted to tell you i love it and read it everytime you post! :)

also, i think you would look so absolutely divine with a natural. i love the short cut you've been rocking a lot too!!

Nika said...

I'm thinking about going natural (again) too haha...congrats on the award and thanks for posting those links, the blogs are great!

Katrina M said...

aww thanks beautiful!!! i am flattered! its been a while since i received an award! hehehe

well honey, i cant believe u jus got into vintage clothes a year ago. as u know, i dig ur style!

...will do this post soon!

thanks again babe

Sarah said...

congrats on your award. ive been natural for about a year and a half now and i love it. I actually have locs and I get so many compliments on my hair now than I did before. I think that you're doing a great job incorporating vintage and making it look new. I'm just now starting to get into vintage, so I'm trying to learn to be patient and just search through all of the racks. Thanks for inspiring me and others :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, you are beautiful and always on point... Keep inspiring and leading by example..

JessieADORE said...

I'm sooo late but thank you SOOOO MUCH =D.

I truly am honored!
I'm definitely going to take the time to complete my nominations today :)


Taneshia said...

Love your blog, just stumbled upon it today! Your style is so awesome. I can truly relate to numbers 1, 2 and 3. Especially 3 because I went natural back in 06 and I am loving every minute of it and not just because of the looks I get lol. I can't tell you how often I get "is that your hair". Good luck with whatever you choose to do.