Sunday, September 13, 2009


Pictures By: Sheldon

Dress: Value Village
Belt & Shoes: Goodwill

I love all the colors in this dress. I felt like wearing this dress short today, so I used saftey pins to shorten it. And I have to say I love this dress at this length.

-On a hair note, I think the next sew in is going to be big and curly. I never had my hair like that before so I am nervous I am going to look like a clown. lol What do you guys think?


Nika said...

cute belt

Sarah said...

great vintage find, awesome ensemble

Patty Ann said...

love your outfit
and you could NEVER look like a clown, you'll just get even more attention with awesome hair AND clothes!!

Nikii84 said...

I think you would look nice with curly hair. Do it! Take a chance.