Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ask Me Anything

A lot of bloggers have been doing this so I am going to jump on the band wagon. lol If you have any questions about me please leave your questions here. It can be about, clothes, make-up, etc....

I will answer all questions in a post on Monday:)


Carolina said...

Hmmm. Here's one. I'm a freshman in high school. Now that it's the dog days of summer, how can I make the ubiquitous tee and shorts unique? What kinds of spins can I put on it?

Thank you in advance! I really love your blog.

Heavenly Hummingbird said...

Ok...i see you tend to find some really nice pieces at goodwill and thrift stores...but how do you decide which one is best. B/c i live in new orleans and i have been to a few and i have walked out empty handed everytime

leggy said...

im with the first girl...its summer how do i make those shorts look like me?fabulous!lol

Katrina M said...

oh yes an interview!! what an awesome idea!!

here goes my question:
1) if u can have any celebrities' closet, who would it be and why?

2) what is ur must have makeup?

3) where do u get ur jeweleries?

4) i noticed that u pretty much shop everywhere. if you can choose one store to shop, what store would it be?

Anonymous said...

Do you have a boyfriend?