Sunday, December 21, 2008

Get to Know Me.

Name: Janeisha
Age: 25
Sign: Aries
Height: 5'8"
Size: 8
Location: I live in Atlanta, GA but I am from Cleveland, OH
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Food: Fettuccine Alfredo with shrimp
Favorite Store: Goodwill and Target
Favorite TV Shows: Gossip Girl, House & Lipstick Jungle
Favorite Movie: Kill Bill
Favorite Artist: Pharrel
Favorite Song: Citizen Cope "Holdin On"
Hidden Talents: I can do hair and I love photography. Photography was my major in High School & College.
My Personality: I am blunt, witty, sarcastic, spontaneous, passionate, silly, real, down to earth, aggressive, impulsive, funny, and honest.
Must Have: A frilly Dress. You can never go wrong with a dress. Your outfit is already complete. All u need to do is add some accessories and you are good to go.
My Style: I love classic clothes with a bold pattern or bright colors. I'm not into trends. I wear what I like. I'm also very girly and frilly. I love bows and ruffles.
Fashion Advice: Wear what u what! Have fun! Clothes are suppose to be fun and an express of you. My only rule is make sure your clothes are flattering. Know the body you have and dress it.

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