Sunday, December 12, 2010

All Black Everything...


Dress: American Thrift Stores
Tights: Target
Thigh High Boots: Jamin
Bracelet: Forever 21
Earrings: So Good
Clutch Purse: Marshalls

This is what I wore out last night to the Compound for my friend Tiffany's Birthday. We had such a good time. Jamie Foxx was there last night too. And I touched his hand. Yes I went into groupie mode. lol

More info on the boots. They are from Jamin Leather. You have to go up a size with these boots. These boots are not a shine leather and you they do not have a zipper. They are pull up boots. I really love them they are so comfortable and a great price for the all leather boots.

Jay♥Vintage Fabulous Finds



Sarah Jane said...

Love the boots and dress. I love a good LBD and this one is amazing and unique. That's cool you got to "meet" Jamie Foxx, I ran into Drake once at an after party for his concert in my town, it was hella fun :)

Lexi said...

That dress is so hot. From your blog, I am convinced American Best Thrift store is the BEST! Where exactly is this in the Atlanta area? I couldn't find it online

Rifga™ said...

You look intriguing. I love the lacey black dress :) Somehow I think you could have looked better with normal boots instead of thigh high ones. Other than that, you look hot.