Thursday, November 11, 2010





Blazer: Value Village
Tee Shirt: The Gap
Jeans: Ross
Head Band: Forever 21
Shoes: Bakers

This is what I wore yesterday to see For Colored Girl. It was a very deep movie that I think all women need to see. I love pairing colors that have the same tone together. I love how the purple and the jade green looks together. Tell me what you think. I love all ur feedback!

Jay♥Vintage Fabulous Finds



nne said...

Never commented on this site before - but this colour combo (the purple and the turquoise) is to die for. So basically I'm planning on spending the rest of the next couple of years or so to find that EXACT jacket and that EXACT shirt so that I can be fantabulous too!

5inchheels said...

would you be willing to do a tutorial on how you did this look? i love it: from the hair to the makeup. keep up the classy work!

Miss M said...

So lovin the make-up! Yes we CAN wear red lipstick! The outfit is dope!

Jazz said...

Ooo, love the makeup!11