Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tryin to be less blunt...





Blazer: American Thrift Stores
Shirt: Goodwill
Boyfriend Jeans: Ross
Shoes: Marshalls

What do you tell someone that doesn't dress for their body shape & hair is always a hot mess? Their appearance is so bad that people tell you how bad this person looks. How would you handle this situation?


Jen said...

I would just drop some suggestions here and there. I'm sure this person has heard things that were said before. Tread carefully, this person probably can't take constructive criticism.

Sunny said...

I would take her the next time I go shopping or go with her the next time she goes... and pick out clothes that would look fabulous on her... on a sly way of course... and since I'm pretty good at doing hair, I'd probably call her up and say, "girl let me experiment on you..." and fix her up!

I'm pretty sneaky. I know blunt is usually the way to go but I hate to risk hurting people's feelings.

But if that doesn't work, snap pictures of her and send them into "What Not to Wear" and they will be sure to tell her!

Gloria B. said...

Definitely go the round about way - do not be direct that she looks a mess! This will hurt her feelings and she will shut you out. I would start by saying something like, "I found this dress online and think it would look great on you!" Start suggesting things that will work for her. Be positive and enthusiastic - your attitude will get her excited to change, too. Maybe she really has no clue and really needs someone like you to show her how to dress in a more flattering way. Maybe she has a bad self image and her ego might not be the best. Compliment her on what she does have going for her: maybe pretty eyes or nice skin. She may need a pick-me-up on the inside as well as the outside (the outside is often a reflection of what's going on inside).

Anonymous said...

Drop a bag of clothes off at her door with a note...